Lunch can feel like chaos

Veronica Rojas, staff reporter

There are two lunch periods that include a mix of 7th and 8th graders, but each day, the cafeteria is wild with students who are doing more than eating their meals. They search for their friends, laugh, shout and generally have a good time. That adds up to a noisy environment, especially because it is so crowded. There are more than 1,100 students at Dobie this year.

Students race to get to the cafeteria first so they can get their lunch and get a seat. There are so many kids at lunch that tables are crowded and sometimes students have a difficult time finding a seat.

“People get pushed off seats, and some don’t get any food because people have to wait in line forever.” said Joslynn Trevino, 7th grader. “People need to calm down because people need to get food too.”

Sometimes students get frustrated because the specific food item they want is no longer available when their turn in line comes up. But some students take it all in stride and don’t let it bother them.

“To be honest I like lunch,” said Isabel Monk, 8th grader. “Cause I get to see my friends that I don’t have classes with.”