Personal view: 2016 brings new fashion trends

2016 has been a very innovative time.  When people see other people see their peers going for what they want, they want to go after it as well mainly because people don’t like seeing other people be successful, yet they go along with the trends. As the generation grows so does the fashion industry.

Many of the trends were uncalled for, like the big holes in shirts. This has become a popular thing for many young teenagers and some adults. Kanye West set the standards for the ripped shirts with his clothing line. Some people call his line “hobo” clothing since they old and tattered, yet some still love the look he has “created”.

Social media has been a huge influence throughout the year. Instagram has opened up a wide variety of opportunities for small businesses to launch their products. Mainstream companies have also jumped on the social media band wagon. From 2015 – 2016 the company Adidas has went through a 15% increase on Instagram.

Students have been very proud to wear their favorite clothing. In some schools they have been enforcing dress code to another level. Students have been continuing to wear what they please when they please. Even students with strict dress code spice up their clothes with their shoes or their stylish jackets.

All around the world fashion has set high standards for students in middle school through their early adulthood. Some kids even get laughed at or teased because of what they wear nowadays. If it doesn’t fit in with the fashion trends then the students wearing it won’t fit in. But of course many students say that they don’t really “care” for fashion trends as long as they’re looking decent.