Student Spotlight: Ginea Chambers

Student Spotlight: Ginea Chambers

Veronica Rojas, Staff Reporter

Ginea Chambers, 8th grader, is unique.

“I am the middle child in my family,” said Chambers. She loves her siblings.

“I trust all of my family,” said Chambers. “ All of them because they are my family.  The person that I trust the most is my older brother because we tell each other everything.”

Chambers said she has an older brother and a younger brother. “My oldest brother is 16 years old and my youngest brother is 2 years old,” said Chambers. “We all get along very well. I can tell them anything and they won’t tell anyone.

Chambers really trusts her brothers.  “My mother because she has taught me everything I know today. “ She is a hard working mom by taking care of my brothers and me” said Chambers. “I love to shop and hang out with my mom. I get my hair and nails done with my mom a lot,” said Chambers.

Chambers is athletic.

“I love to run…I am the only one in my family that run track…I like track because I like to run, I love sprinting,” said Chambers.

She has big plans for her future.

“ I want to be a nurse because I want to be just like my mom and I want to help people get better,” she said.