Amber Mayville: My first few days as a new student at Dobie

I moved from California to Cibolo.

Amber Mayville, Staff Reporter

I moved to Cibolo, Texas from San Diego, California. I moved here with my dad, my stepmom, my step brother, and my two cats. Almost everything is different.

J. Frank Dobie Jr. High is so much bigger than my old school and it’s only 7th and 8th grade! It’s hard to be a new student. I have changed schools twice before, and it’s very scary.

I’ve never changed schools this far from home before. The people are so much nicer and more polite here at Dobie and even in Texas. I thought that I wouldn’t make friends until I was here for about a month. I miss my friends. I had the best of friends. My closest companions, but I left them. I picked up and  left… with barely a goodbye. I do get to visit, but not for long… everyone’s moved on…so I should too.

In my opinion, Dobie is one of the best schools I’ve been to and it’s good for college-bound students and I would like to be that person. College bound and ready.

I have met all my teachers at this point and I really like them all. Most of them are nice and strict, just how I like my teachers. I’m taking all pre- AP classes except for electives and math and it doesn’t seem any harder than my other classes at my old school and I’m not sure if I’m just smart or if I was taking pre-AP classes at my old school.

When I got home today, I asked my father, stepmom, and stepbrother how they felt about the move. My father said it was a stressful and very hard move but he thinks it is worth it. My stepmom said that it was a hard move and it made her very sore.

My stepbrother is six so he doesn’t really understand but he said it was fun and he wants to make new friends. Then the next day, I asked my mom and that side of my family. My Mom said that she is sad I moved and that she will Skype me everyday.

My grandmother said she feels a bit betrayed but she’s happy if I’m happy. My cousins and aunts and uncles said the would miss me. All of these comments made my heart swell with joy and sadness.  I cried and I smiled and now I’m here. I’m happy and I’m here.