Makeup is a popular trend

Serena DelToro takes a quick photo to show off her makeup on Instagram.

Serena DelToro takes a quick photo to show off her makeup on Instagram.

Serena Del Toro, Staff reporter

Makeup is an art and a learned talent. It takes time, effort, and money.

Makeup has become a worldwide trend. And these days, people begin using makeup at an early age. For Haylie Laws, a real interest in makeup began in the fifth grade. For Tyshe Tyson, 6th grade year was her first year to build a love of makeup. Ginea Chambers’ desire to test makeup began in the 7th grade.

Depending on what you want, different looks take different techniques, products and time investments.

Tyson, an 8th grader, takes close to 30 minutes to an hour on her makeup. For Chambers, an 8th grader, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to do her makeup each day. For Laws, a 7th grader, it takes 45 minutes to an hour to do her makeup. 

Makeup definition by Merriam-Webster states that cosmetics are used to color and beautify the face. “To me, makeup is something I enjoy doing. People say it’s to cover up flaws but I do it just for fun,” said Tyson.

“Makeup to me is an art, something to express yourself through makeup,” said Laws.

“Makeup to me is just kind of experimenting to see what I can do,” said Chambers. 

Inspiration and makeup application lessons and trends can come from free video tutorials. There are many to choose from.

Fashionista says that Nikkie Tutorials Nikkie of Nikkie Tutorials is a Dutch beauty vlogger who just happened to land the first makeup collaboration with Too Faced. With just under six million subscribers, the collaboration was well-deserved – Nikkie is known for her innovative videos and love of glitter and her videos often get picked up around the web (or are inspirations for other YouTubers).

“I usually go to either Nikkie Tutorials or Jeffree Star for makeup tips,” said Tyson.