Student spotlight: Devin Moore

Student spotlight: Devin Moore

Serena Del Toro, Staff reporter

Devin Moore, 7th grader, moved from Corpus Christi to Cibolo, Texas when she was five years old.

“When I was in first grade my family and I moved from Corpus Christi, but we go back every year during the summer,” said Moore. She said that she misses doing things she did as a young child such as going to the beach every weekend and ballet recitals.

When Moore was four years old, she was a ballerina and when she had recitals and she did good she would be rewarded with M&M’s. “One time we had a big performance and our ballerina teacher put sparkles on us and I couldn’t see through them, well in our routine we had to kick up our leg and when I did…my shoe flew off and everyone was recording. I was so embarrassed,” said Moore.

Moore has six siblings but she only lives with three. The three siblings she lives with are all adopted; George,9 , David,10 , Roselyn,12. “Me and my three adopted siblings were in a San Antonio Magazine.” said Moore.

Moore’s other three siblings are all stepsisters; Alexis,13 , Margret,18 , and Kaylin, 23. Moore’s stepsisters live in a small town named Brenham, about two hours away from Cibolo. She goes and visits every other weekend. “I get along with my siblings sometimes,” Moore said.

As a child, Moore looked up to her mother, father, and older sister. “I look up to my mom because she works hard and has time to still take care of all her children, I look up to my dad because he works hard and never gives up, I look up to my sister because she is unique and everything I want to be,” she said.

Moore connects with her mother by talking to her about any issues she has or about school. They go out to eat and shopping. She connects with her father but it’s a tad difficult to do so considering he’s a military veteran and works all day and some late nights.

When Moore does get the chance to spend time with her father, Moore and her father go to Brenham Airport and they share a shake in this 50’s diner. “I haven’t talked to my dad in a month, I haven’t seen him much,” said Moore. “I was supposed to see him last weekend but he was out of state for a meeting.”