Electives on the Rise

By: Dailey Brite and Karissa Cano

Every student in Dobie has a decent amount of electives and some participate in extracurricular activities. Most of these activities are held after school. Some of the before or after school activities are Student Council, Art Club, Spanish Club, or FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). The electives include Band, Spanish 1 and 2, Art, Woodshop, Tech Apps, Skills For Success, Career Portals, Athletics, P.E, Journalism, and Yearbook. Students are encouraged about joining clubs or classes that interest them.

Emma Baker, seventh grader, participates in Journalism for 4th period run by Mrs. PJ, “I really enjoy writing stories and using my creativity.” She said more on how she learns and shared her opinion on why students should be more involved in their school activities. “I did learn a lot more on what it takes to be a journalist and how to write,” Baker said.“I think students should be included, because it’s a really good way to learn something really exciting.”

In Journalism, seventh and eighth graders are taught to interview and write articles based off of their interviews. This helps some students to feel open and able to contribute to their work.

Art Club is one of the afterschool programs held on thursdays twice a month. We interviewed Mckenzie Daniels, eighth grader, that is in art club and goes to all art club meetings after school. All meetings are held on Thursdays. Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Uecker run the events. Mckenzie said, “I’m in this club, because I really like art. It’s fun and you get to express your creativity.”

Charles Lazare, seventh grader, has Art for his elective with Ms. Uecker. He states that he feels comfortable in his class, because he has his friends that take the same class with him. He mentions that he thinks art is fun and has good quality for students.  “I feel talented in art, and we get to draw and paint,” said Lazare.

 The eighth graders at Dobie get three total electives. Aly Daughenbaugh, eighth grader, takes Spanish 1, Athletics, and Band. She has Spanish first period, Band for sixth period, and Athletics for eighth period. Mrs. Luna is her Spanish teacher. Band is held by Mr. Daniel/Mr. Barbee.  Athletics is run by the coaches; Coach V., Coach Niblett, Coach Adame.

Aly said that she takes Spanish in result for future high school credit. “Band is just something extra to do and I also want to include that for high school, and I like athletics because it keeps me fit and healthy.” She said that she likes Spanish because she learns a different language. “Athletics encourages me by keeping my grades up,” said Daughenbaugh.