Christmas holiday season is near


Alexis Garcia, Staff reporter

Christmas is about the Christmas tree being decorated and the cold weather and breezes that hit your face every time you open a door or window.

It’s the time where you spend time with your family and give presents to each other. Or drink hot cocoa in your sweatpants looking at the sparkling lights hung around your house.

You can sit on the couch and watch Christmas movies like Frosty the Snowman, The Night Before Christmas, The Grinch, and even some Christmas specials that come on during the Christmas season.

“I watch the movie Elf and Freeforms 25 days of Christmas,” said M’Kenzie Daniels, 8th grader. You can just settle down on the couch with your toasty blankets and family.

Decorating the tree is another great activity you can do during December. It’s a time where family is brought together and they give each other ornaments to hang up then they twirl lights around the tree and some even put beads and popcorn. But decorating the tree is something that’s very important because you don’t want to get your presents Christmas day with a bland tree.

The meals are what really matter, though. It’s always an amazing part of the night. There’s tons of delicious foods and all of your family is at the table eating. You can talk about all the presents you got earlier that day or talk to each other about how you’re doing. But sitting at the dinner for Christmas dinner is a pretty important part of the Christmas season.

And of course the part most children enjoy, The presents delivered by Santa! Almost every child enjoys waking up super early at 5 a.m. to run to the tree and looks for the presents with their names. Christmas means a lot to everyone whether you’re the one who enjoys the presents or the dinner Christmas is something everyone call enjoy.