Dobie football wins first scrimmage

The team faced sister school Corbett

Andrew G, Staff Reporter

This year’s football team has started the season off strong with a win. In a scrimmage on September 8 that kicked off the season, Dobie players stared into the eyes of the players in the red and white jerseys from sister school and rival, Corbett Jr. High.

The game began at 4:25 p.m. Corbett’s team forfeited the game halfway through, about 45 minutes in the game. Scrimmages do not count toward season records.

Surprisingly, Corbett seemed to missing some of their players; Dobie had more players.

“We showed them we’re best,” said Wyatt B., 8th grade A team QB. He intercepted the ball and ran 40 yards up field. He followed up with his first touchdown of the year.

The defense played well. Defensive linebacker #8 made a great tackle and the crowd cheered louder than they did during the whole game.

Around 5:05 p.m., the last 10 minutes of the game, player #45 made the 2nd goal of the year after a 20 yard-run up the field.

Gavin Thomson, a B team player,  said he played last year as well.

“Football is the same as last year, but they’re pushing us way harder,” he said.

The teams can expect more challenging training and hopefully more wins this season.