Dobie Volleyball Serves It Up


Nia McPherson, staff reporter

The girls volleyball season is in full swing.

About 30 girls from both grades practice before or after school for scrimmages, weekly games, and tournaments on Thursdays (scrimmages/games) and Saturdays (tournaments).  

“I feel pretty good about this year’s team. They’re playing very well together for a group that just started out,” said Coach Dierschke, science teacher/athletics coach.

“They’re getting along well with each other, they’re doing good outside of the court, and they’re very supportive of each other,” Coach Dierschke said about the 7th grade team.

The girls of both 7th and 8th grade are already on a roll. 7th B won their scrimmage against Corbett and won their games in the tournament against Smithson Valley and New Braunfels, while 7th A won against New Braunfels.

8th A won their scrimmage against Corbett and played very well in their tournament, while 8th B also did very well.

Kayla Teeler, 8th grade, is already excelling playing for A team. “ I play all-around, but usually front middle and back middle,” said Teeler.

“There’s a good chemistry throughout the team, and we’re communicating a lot on the court. We’re really bonding as a team, and we’re encouraging and kind to each other,” Teeler  said.

“I feel that we have a lot of talented players this season. We all bring a lot the table,” Madison Mulkey said enthusiastically.

Madison sets and is a right side hitter for A team. “We practice hard so we can do well in our games,” Mulkey said.

“I feel good because B team already has straight wins except for one game” Jayden Hicks, 7th grader, said

“We work well because our coaches push us and make us work very hard and do our best,” Hicks said.

Kimora Ironshield, 7th, is loving her team this season, “ I feel good, both teams are working very hard,” Ironshield said.

Ironshield plays middle back on the 7th grade B team. “So far, B team, we’re doing good in practice and games and we’re getting better everyday,” Ironshield said.

As the season goes on, the players continue to work hard and do their best, so expect many more wins from the Dobie Jr High volleyball team’s 2016 season.