Student spotlight: Alvin N.

Andrew G, Staff Reporter

Most people don’t fully understand a person in the first five minutes of meeting them. And they don’t know what someone going through and the reason why they live the way they do.

So why doesn’t someone take the time to try to get to know someone else, not knowing how unique they are, like Alvin N.?

“I mostly was independent as a kid, and I mostly avoided everyone,” said Alvin N. “That’s how I grew up.”

Still, he does not have a problem with being independent.

Although he doesn’t talk much, he does mind working with others. “It gives me self-confidence,” he said.

Despite school, and feeling independent, he does not do everyday tasks with a routine. “I just go with the flow, and just do them how ever I feel like doing it.” he said. “I just need to remember to do the task,” Alvin said. “It depends on how I’m feeling.”

Overachieving a task is something Alvin doesn’t do. “Unless I see the benefit, I don’t think I’m an overachiever,” he  said.

“I enjoy hangin’ with friends and pretending to do role play, when I was younger.” he said. “But now I don’t do that any more. I’ve grown out of a kid and becoming an adult.”

Beyond school, Alvin  has found his own way of relaxation. “Sometimes, I will normally, in my free time, go get a book and read or maybe get on my PC and play games to try to escape my current life,” he said. It’s mostly reading that he does on a daily basis.

There is more to him than meets the eye. “I sometimes like to program games and blog when I’m on my PC. Its slightly challenging, but fun,” he said.

He really can be an independent person and he sets himself apart from others who don’t try and quit easily. “I don’t like to quit, and try to keep going, and not be a loser,” he said.