(Video Game Review) Minecraft

Andrew G, Staff Reporter

Many students here at Dobie play minecraft and have a great time playing. I am one of many students that play Minecraft, and I love to play!

Minecraft is a 1st person point of view, in which you play in a sandbox. Or a “free to move anywhere” world, in survival or creative.

In survival, you have limited lives, resources, and hunger. And you will get attacked by mobs like zombies and creepers, a mob that will explode when you get close. And they will destroy your house.

In creative, you have unlimited life (can’t die), resources, and NO hunger. You can generate any world and build anything you want! Isn’t that cool?

But that not all. 8th grader Nathan Parker, a HUGE fan said, “Mincraft is soo fun and always something to do or build. I love it!” Parker plays mostly in creative, “Still, survival is fun.” he said.

I’m a survival person, and I’m really good at it. And if I had to rate Minecraft, I’d rate it a 10 of 10!
In my opinion, everyone should play play Minecraft. Also you can buy it on Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PS3, PS4, and for computer.