Student spotlight: Kyleigh Thornton

Kimani Cain, Staff Reporter

Many students have many things unique about them. Some people judge students by how they look instead of getting to know them. Kyleigh Thornton is a 7th grader that has moved more than eight times in her life.

She has been living in Schertz, Cibolo area for around two years now. She has always had trouble making new friends due to all the moving around. “When I was ten years old I lived in Houston, I told my mom that I wanted to move back where my dad lived because we were three hours away from him. My mom was kind of mad because we already moved into a house and she had just had my little brother,” said Thornton.

“Moving was hard to me because I always had to make new friends. And moving to different schools were not good for me because I was still developing, and every time I got used to a place we would move.”said Thornton

It was hard for Thornton make new friends. She had a best friend who started spreading rumors about her at school. “ I had trouble getting over when my best friend started spreading rumors about me, but I decided to forgive her and today we were still best friends after all that happened. She has never said why she has started those rumors so I never asked.”

After all the moving, Thornton said the best place she likes is here in Schertz, Cibolo Texas, because her other houses were rented and she got to personalize her own room here.

Thornton has always wanted to go to Italy because she wanted to see how her ancestors live. Thornton said her parents are divorced.

“On my dad’s side I have my stepmom and two stepsisters. And on my mom’s side I have a stepdad and two half brothers. “It was really scary when my dad got remarried because it started a whole new life for me and changed everything,” she said.

At Dobie, Thornton enjoys journalism and she is a staff photographer. She wanted to be a staff photographer because she loves taking pictures. When her mom asked her to take a picture for her she always took too many.

“One of my toughest assignments in school was when we had to design a family of five and we had and we had to create a budget and a house. It was also hard because it was due in two days!”she said.

One of Thornton’s childhood memories was when she got her first pet named Pete. “ Pete was my first pet and my favorite. He was so funny and he was no ordinary hamster,” she said. “Every morning I would go downstairs to open his cage to feed him. He would jump off the counters and chase me. It was so funny!”