Microsoft Can’t Stop All Its Production For Xbox360

Andrew G, Staff Reporter

As of November 22, 2013, Microsoft said that they will be stopping production of their Xbox 360. Which is not good for anyone who can’t buy the new Xbox 1. Microsoft should not stop the production of all Xbox 360 content, like console games production, game updates, and software updates.


I don’t want to Microsoft to stop it’s productions like they did with the original Xbox. According to The Verge, “… ’Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles.’ said Microsoft CEO.” They said that some the Xbox 360’s software will not be compatible with any new games and updates the will come in the future.


Thankfully Microsoft will not everything, like some up dates for hardware and software. According to Game Rant, “Most of today’s Microsoft news centered around the announcement of the official Xbox One release date, but they did take a moment to remind Xbox 360 owners that the company will still support the console for a few more years.”  So that means that Microsoft  will not just yet. But no one knows for how much longer.