Dobie Basketball tryouts scheduled


Emmalee Prince

Girls pause during tryouts for a quick photo.

Kimani Cain, Staff Reporter

This year’s 2016-17 Dobie Basketball season starts the first week of November. In order to tryout you must have a current physical.

The 7th and 8th grade girls tryouts will be held the first week of November. The 7th and 8th grade boys will be the 2nd week of November after school.

Kylie Galan, 8th grader played basketball for Dobie last year. “Trying out felt like if you did something wrong you had to make it right and you couldn’t ask questions while trying out,” said Galan.

Many students love playing basketball some tryout out because there parents made them. “My mom made me tryout for basketball because she thinks that I am good enough,” said Kimora Ironsheild, 7th grader.

In P.E. the 7th grade boys have been practicing for the upcoming tryouts. “In P.E. we have practiced on layups and played basketball games,” said Diego Ingle.

Ingle has been playing basketball since he was three, he has confidence that he will make the team.