The Terrifying Truth of Global Warming


Valerie Gonzalez

Global warming is the virtual increase in the average temperature in the earth’s atmosphere that is caused by high usage of greenhouse gases. “The greenhouse effect” results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space. Certain gases in the atmosphere block heat from escaping. These gases can be methane or carbon dioxide,etc.

These climate changes make severe problems like increasing sea levels, melting ice and more severe natural disasters. Most of the problem is using fossil fuels and burning them causing carbon dioxide to produce. So much money and jobs come from fossil fuel companies but renewable companies can do that and save the world for generations to come and guess what, we’ll never ever run out of these resources.

Most People believe in it. “Yes I do believe in Global Warming it’s a proven thing,” said Tracy Berumen 8th grader. Zoe Clark, 8th grader said Global Warming is backed up with research. “Global Warming is real there’s scientific evidence that its real,” she said. “97% of dedicated scientist say there has been a climate change trend.”

Have we even stated the issue enough to actually change regulations when we’ve known about this problem since decades ago it’s only gotten worse. “The issue hasn’t been stated that’s why we are going to die in a few years, earth too,” said Berumen.

Clark is frustrated. “Countries have been working together but nothing has improved,” said Clark.

We have many things we can do to help this problem such as use less light or get a LED light bulb, that uses 80% less energy than conventional incandescents, getting solar panels, eat less meat because agriculture is the 2nd cause of global warming due to methane being released and eat the the food you buy to produce less trash, maintain your car in good conditions to save gas or have an electric car if you’re into those cars.

Berumen said, “We can recycle, carpool as much as possible, get more gas efficient cars, and use renewable resources. While Clark said.“Buying eco-friendly cars, not supporting companies who make it worse, renewable resources are needed to take action.”

We need to open people’s eyes to things that actually affect the whole world, and need to advertise more the harm we all are doing.”We need to inform the adults to open their eyes and they need to take action because a child can suffer the consequences but can’t really control that type of business,” said Berumen. “Making movies that actually matter, publicly talking about it instead of having dumb politics fighting like children giving us fake promises.”

Our government has to do something fast to control the future harm of this problem. There’s simple and realistic things are possible if the government does the right choices.

In Leonardo Dicaprio’s documentary, “Before The Flood,” he visits Tesla’s Gigafactory and Elon Musk explains that roughly 100 gigafactories are needed to power the whole world in sustainable energy, Dicaprio was surprised how doable that was.

Norway is around 98% renewable and uses hydroelectric, geothermal and wind, to achieve its goal, many other countries are trying to lead themselves into this goal as well. So if all these countries are doing it why hasn’t the US done anything when we know we have the money and technology to? This isn’t a game anymore this isn’t a political problem, this is everyone and everyone’s future problem.