Student spotlight: Delaney Costello

Student spotlight: Delaney Costello

Kayla Reisner, Staff Reporter

“I guess I’m the whitest Mexican anybody’s ever seen,” Delaney Costello, 8th grader, said with a shrug to the question of what makes her unique, “No one thinks I’m Mexican, but I am.”

Everyone has their own view on what makes them unique, and this is Costello’s view on herself. Except, she still has stories to tell, with more to come as she gets older, like everyone else.

This is Delaney Costello.

Costello has two brothers, Bennett and Gordon (8 and 11 years old), and a sister, Kylee (21 years old), and they have some crazy stories.

“So, me and my sister got in a fight because she took my chocolate bar but she had ice-cream already, so I threw a dollar bill at her. Well, she kept my dollar and my chocolate bar so I threw a chair at her and broke a glass door. Then she threw her ice-cream at me and broke a bottle of gin,” Costello said, laughing throughout the whole story.

Costello was born and raised in Texas, meaning she has been here her whole life. Unlike most others that live in the Cibolo/Schertz area, she is not a military family. That does not mean she doesn’t feel the pain of leaving all the time.

“My best friend, she’s in a military family, and when she comes to visit, I end up crying when she leaves. They (military) may protect us, but it’s sad they have to move around a lot.”

Costello doesn’t have a boring life. She said during the time she was three was when she had the most fun.

“We went to a Mexican restaurant and I love chips and salsa-they are my twin. My parents would always tell me this story. So, at the Mexican restaurant, I grabbed the bowl of salsa,” Costello stopped to giggle before continuing with, “and I chugged it. And, yeah. That’s basically all that happens in my life.”

She has hobbies to keep her entertained. Like many other teenagers out there, Costello likes to sleep, watch Netflix and eat.

“I love to watch American Horror Story, Supernatural, and Grey’s Anatomy while eating pizza.”

There are many things in life that can change life itself. There is also that one big thing that changes it all. For Costello, that thing was what many teenagers in this millennium are going through.

Costello has dreams.

“I wanna be a dinosaur,” she giggled. “And I really want to be an author. I like to write and that’s mostly why I picked journalism for an elective.”