Be happy, don’t dwell on negativity

Be happy, don’t dwell on negativity

Valerie Gonzalez

The best way to live is being appreciative, grateful and most importantly happy. Negative thoughts can easily get in the way of a joyful life and there’s many ways to think positively.

About 85% of the stuff we worry about has a positive or neutral outcome, so try your best to be positive and to solve problems the best to your extent.

For once compare yourself to someone who’s worse off than you. It can help you realize that your problems aren’t too big to overcome. It’s normal to have negative thoughts here and then.

Psychologists say that trying to be constantly upbeat all the time can make us unhappy. So faking to be merry can make you feel sadder, and it’s OK to not be happy all the time because then we won’t appreciate the happy days without the bad ones.

We have very limited control of our destiny but we have complete control of our emotions, we can make our day great, by interpreting or doing things that make us feel content instead of dwelling on negative thoughts.

Comparing ourselves to others can lead to negative envy leaving us to be empty and not appreciate what we have. Turn envy into action and lead yourself to be a better version of yourself and have self-improvement. 

In one study, scientist found that “benign envy”- an admiring rather than malicious form of the feeling- caused students to study harder and perform better on IQ and creativity tests.

Being unhappy due to dwelling on the past, or having regrets will waste your time because you can’t do anything about it anymore,there mistakes a human has to make to be prepared for a better future.

Thinking about the past or the future is what we get anxious about. Rarely do we panic about the present moment, and why torture yourself on something impossible to fix. If you find yourself dwelling on something that either has already happened or has yet to occur, remind yourself that the only thing you have control over is the present. That’s really the only thing that counts.


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