Christmas holiday is near


Kayla Reisner and Kyleigh Thornton

Christmas is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world. The traditions of Christmas are spending time with family and opening presents. People typically decorate their houses and have a tree in their house covered in sparkly glass balls and red and green lights.  

It is a time of joy, where young kids write their letters to Santa hoping to get every gift while mothers and daughters make cookies in the kitchen.

Everyone makes their list of gifts they would like to open on December 25th. This time of year people are running around trying to satisfy their children with the perfect gift and checking every store. Almost every toy store is out of stock and presents are filling up under the tree.

In Mexico, on Christmas, brothers and sisters dress up as Mary and Joseph then they go around to houses and knock on the door and say, “Can we stay here?” And if they say no then they do the same thing to a different house. The house that says they can stay is where they have a big party to show spirit.  On Christmas, children take turns trying to break open a pinata filled with treats.

On December 1, Kates Brewster, 6th grader, had a Christmas choir recital. They sang songs like Deck the Halls, Joy to the World, and I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. They also sang Silent Night in three different languages: English, Sign Language (ASL), and German. There were some technical difficulties in the beginning, but by the time the first song was played, everyone was delighted.

Silent Night  wasn’t very difficult to sing, according to Brewster.

“It wasn’t very hard because we have the greatest teacher in the world,” said Brewster.

Most people on Christmas open presents and have a big dinner. People bring trees into their houses and string lights around them and hang pretty glass balls around the branches with snowmen painted on them.

“What we do on Christmas is we open presents and have an amazing dinner and hangout with family. I get to help decorate the Christmas tree,” Brewster said.

Some people travel far to see family while others stay at home and have people visit. Christmas is what brings people together around this time of year and we should keep it that way!