We Scream For Halloween!

We Scream For Halloween!

Halloween is one of the only times of the year where people can dress up as anything they want, go around to people’s houses for free candy, and stay up late. The haunted houses, scary decorations, and Jack-o’-lanterns just add to the fun of kids and teens running around the neighborhood, collecting candy as they move along.

Many people have different costumes that they are going to wear for Halloween.

“I’m dressing up as Ricegum because he looks like me,” said Andy Tran, 8th grader. Ricegum is a famous YouTuber that goes by that name. Be warned, though, he roasts a lot.

Some people may not be dressing up, though. Nia Mcpherson, 8th grader, said her mom didn’t want her to go out due to all the clown stuff that’s been happening.

“It’s kind of 50-50 since Halloween’s on a Monday. I want to go because I want to see some of my friends,” Mcpherson said.

Most people don’t know that, to receive a treat rather than a trick, they had to dance. Obviously, this has changed, but it was the trick-or-treating experts that chased this fun Halloween activity back to the Europeans.

Trick-or-treaters have different opinions on what candy they like.

A Dobie News survey found that 43 people (out of 100) prefer chocolate, 19 prefer gummies, and 13 prefer hard candies, and the rest prefer a different kind.

Tran was one out of those nine-teen that likes gummies.

“Because I love to chew Sour Patch Kids. They’re sour and then they’re sweet,” said Tran.

Angel Phan, 7th grader, likes hard candy, though.

“Because I love my grandma and she always gave them to me so I got used to them,” Phan said.

Also, in the surveys, 59 people have said they were going to a haunted house this year. Most people (35) are going to or already have been to Six Flags Fright Fest. Nineteen people have chosen the 13th Floor in Downtown, San Antonio. Two people went to Seaworld’s Howl-O-Scream and three people are going to a neighborhood haunted house. Forty-one people aren’t even going or haven’t been yet, but Madison Cook, 7th grader, has.

“Yes, it was scary and the lights were out and you couldn’t turn on the lights,” said Cook.

Phan said the Six Flags Fright Fest “…scared me half to death, because it is fun, fun, so fun.”