Students happy to be back at school


Kaitlyn Henderson, Staff Reporter

Dobie Jr. High school had their first day back at school on Monday, August 22. The first couple days, many students looked lost as they searched for their classes. They were relieved that teachers and fellow students helped them find their way to class. There are some new teachers and lots of new 7th grade students this year.

Students were so excited to see their friends again. The students faces glow up and shrieks came from all around when students saw their best friends. Most kids weren’t too happy to walk out the door and see rain.

Nia Mcpherson, 8th grader, was asked how she liked her second year at Dobie Junior High so far. “I like it much better than last year,” she said. “I like the teachers better, it’s more fun, and and there’s much more freedom.”  

McPherson said her favorite teacher is Mrs. Luna because she’s sweet and makes learning easy and fun. “My favorite period would have to be 6th and 8th period, because 6th period is LA and that class is so funny and 8th is cheer and I like how we get to teach the new kids the routines and how we get to finally feel older,” said McPherson.

There are two lunches at Dobie, 5th or 6th period. Kids line up to get there food from snackbar or the hot lunch lines. They then go sit in the cafeteria or the breezeway.

During 5th period lunch Nia sits with Tori Patterson, Zayla Fernandez, Ravyn Throckmorton, and Brianna Barnes. “We don’t really just sit in one spot, we usually sit in the cafeteria one day then the breezeway the next,” said McPherson, who is on the Dobie cheer squad for the second year.

Students have the opportunity to be in athletics p.e. or try out for cheer. “I’m in cheer. So when most girls go to athletics, I go to cheer,” said McPherson, who is cheer co-captain with Barnes. 

Jayden Hicks, 7th grader, looked very confused trying to get to all of her classes. This is her first year here at Dobie as well as many other 7th graders flooding into the hall asking everybody where to go. She was asked how she was liking it here so far and if she liked it better than Jordan Intermediate. “I like this school better than Jordan so far.” Hicks said. “Dobie is more fun than Jordan and less strict.”

Hicks said her favorite teachers so far are Coach Joyner and Coach Head. “Coach Head is very friendly and nice and Coach Joyner is friendly and super funny,” said Hicks. Her favorite period is 7th period though, Which is journalism with Mrs. P.J., because it’s “more chill.”

Out of the two lunches Hicks said she has 5th period lunch and sits with her best friend, Maddie Cordova. Hicks said she eats in the cafeteria for lunch.

Hicks is in athletics plans to try out for volleyball and basketball.