Diving Takes Practice, Patience, and Perfection.

Diving Takes Practice, Patience, and Perfection.

Julianna A., Staff Reporter

.Diving is a sport known to most as its peak; the Olympics and to most people like Renee Williams think, “Yes I think it would be cool to be in diving but I’m scared of hitting the edge of the tower with my foot or head and, as you said, “If you hit the water at a certain angle you CAN die…” you saying that, makes me afraid to jump.”

Diving is a difficult sport to do and compete doing it takes practice, practice and more of it.

When people dive they must overcome their own fear and push through, if divers are scared they do not show it and just dive the dive and flip with the call of ‘hup’ of their coaches and ‘chuck it tuck it’ as they say.

Diving is shown as a under-sport, of swimming when you could ask almost any diver about how many time they are asked about swimming. When divers are referred to as swimmers they actually get a little mad because they have worked so hard to earn the title of ‘Diver’ and now they are undergraded by the people who swim. Divers can be very composed but they will almost always be offended, even if they do not show it, about being called a swimmer.

“Diving would be fun if I weren’t so afraid to jump,” says Jade Long,” diving looks like so much fun but I feel as if I could never get the will to jump.” says Long. Divers in general can be scared but when they put their mind to it they can shine above the rest. Divers have confidence no matter the level of talent.

Divers have the opportunity to show their talent to judges when the dive meets come around. Divers compete not for money (in regular meets) but for accomplishment of competing high DD(dive degree) dives because higher DD’s mean higher dives/harder dives. Divers try to compete to beat their own previous scores and PR.

“So, throwing yourself into the air, fighting physically and mentally, to twist, turn, and contort your body, before you hit the water below, not to mention the pain of messing up, anything could happen take the lead and fly.”-Unknown