Free health care is a benefit and a right

Mikas Padilla, Staff Reporter

Imagine being sent back home from the hospital because you were uninsured and you were diagnosed with a fatal health condition. You’re on the verge of death and many thoughts are going through your head. What’s next: you experiencing your own death or trying to move to another medical center for affordable treatment? It’s horrific that this could be a reality for many people in the United States and in other parts of the world. Free health care could help with making the reality of being uninsured to fiction.

Free health care is a right for many people, including the elderly and the homeless. According to ProCon and Harvard researchers, around 44,000 to 45,000 people die every year because of no health insurance. They also found that there is a 40% increased risk of death for those with no health insurance. It’s tough living with a small salary or no money at all. No food, shelter, few clothes, all you could live with is yourself. But when health insurance is not affordable, things could get out of hand especially for emergency situations and for treatment. It is unacceptable how many people perish being uninsured in the United States.

Another reason free health insurance is beneficial is because more patients can practice preventive medicine. According to, free medical services could encourage more people to take preventive medicine and prepare to solve problems during preventive care assistance. Preventive medicine can help those who have serious diseases or disabilities prevent symptoms that could be severe or even fatal. But, since the cost of preventive care is not affordable, many people, including the elderly, rarely practice or don’t even practice preventive medicine at all, leading to many serious injuries and deaths. 

Free health care means a lot especially for the millions who are uninsured in the United States and because of free health care, more patients can afford hospital visits and care, prevent health implications, and limit the number of deaths from the lack of insurance. Many other countries in the world like the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Japan, Canada, and Australia have free health care. Why can’t the United States take the same step as those countries?