Goodbye Summer, Hello School!

Goodbye Summer, Hello School!

Dailey Brite, Staff Reporter

By: Dailey Brite and Aletse Aguirre

 On a hot and humid/ rainy day in August, seventh and eighth grade students arrived to J. Frank Dobie Junior High for the first day of school. The hallways were crowded, and as well as the classrooms. Every student was rushed with a schedule in there hand to find their next students’ opinions were marked during the first week.

 Questions about back to school shopping was asked to multiple students. “Madelynn Nunez, 8th grader, said, “I had to go back and buy supplies three times.” Some students were stressed on how much supplies to buy in stores. One seventh grade student was interviewed the same question, “I guess I only had to go and buy supplies once, I already had most of what I needed,” Deonte Harris 7th grader explained.

 Construction was still currently present while school was starting. Morgan W. 8th grader. “It’s very loud and annoying.” Lots of people had different opinions about it like; Yami M. 8th grader. says, “It doesn’t really bother me that much, all I do is ignore it.” The construction had been going on since 2014-2015 it is estimated to end in the year of 2017.

 Teachers regularly provide homework for students over the weekends. Which a few students think is unfair. “ I hate it, and I believe the weekends are for us to relax,” exclaimed Yami M. 8th grader.

 Students also think about what they want to achieve later on in the year. Lindsey Villareal 8th grader. “More freedom.” Jacob Villanueva 7th grader, “I’m just looking forward to passing.”

 The majority of the students at Dobie ride the bus to get to school. Which usually arrive around 7 AM, so the students have to wake up early to be able to make it to their bus stop. “I have to wake up at 6:00 to be able to be ready” says Yami M. 8th grader. “I wake up like at 7:00 because I’m to lazy to wake up early,” Morgan Willson 8th grader says.

 Friends are often made at school. Some students become friends by the kinds of cliques they’re in. “You would get bored if you don’t have friends,” said Jacob Villanueva 7th grader. Lindsey Villareal 8th grader, “Friendships are important and friendships do mostly happen at school.”