Students enjoy sports

Dailey Brite, Staff Reporter

Dobie offers sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, football, track, and cross country, and some students choose to play more than one sport. Football, tennis, and cross country began at the beginning of the school year and ended in late September. Basketball and soccer begin in the winter and end in February. After that, track starts in April or May and end near the end of the year.

Students said they enjoy sports for different reasons. “I love (playing sports) because it’s better than just sitting at home and doing nothing, and it’s active. I plan on playing soccer and and track this year,” said Aly Daughenbaugh, 8th grader.

Madelynn Nunez, 8th grader, said she excels in sports. “I like them a lot because I’m good at them, most of the time. I did cross country and I plan on playing soccer and track this year,” she said. Calee Alcon, 8th grader, said playing sports helps keeps her healthy. “They are good for you and your health. I want to run track.”

Students also try out or become interested in particular sports because it’s their favorite. “My favorite sport is soccer, because I’m good at it and I’ve been playing it since I was five,” said Daughenbaugh. For some, playing sports is a part of life. “I like soccer because I’ve been playing since I was two and it’s fun,” said Nunez.

Some students play sports outside of school.

“I play a softball outside of school and I learned to play when I was six years old,” said Alcon. Other students also say they have been playing since they were very young. “I’ve been playing soccer since I was two and for outside of school I play for AJAX. My older brother played when he was three and my parents then taught me how to play,” said Nunez. “I learned from my coach and I don’t really remember who first introduced me to soccer though. I played and still play for Arsenal,” said Daughenbaugh.