New Year, New Beginnings


Dailey Brite, Staff Reporter

By: Aletse , Isabella, and Dailey

The New Year is finally here and most people call for a “new lifestyle.” Such as students, who may want to change or start over from the past year. New plans, new philosophies, new attitudes, and much more. What are your goals for this year of 2017?

Tegan Burdick, 8th grader says,”My goals for this year is to get good grades and pass.” Some students claim that 2016 was the worst year, but 2017 may give them a fresh start. ”I plan to learn more and finish my homework on time,” says Kathlin Mellen, 8th grader. Most of the students want do better this school year and be able to pass into the next grade level.

Students either do or don’t want to change, whether it’s their style, personality, etc. “I want this year to be the same because last year went pretty well. I don’t want to change my style, because I like it just the way it is,” said Burdick. Others don’t want to change how they are and how they act, because they say they’re fine just the way they are. ”I don’t plan to change at all, because I like the way I am now,” says Morgan Wilson, 8th grader.

Some say they did not have a good year in 2016 “It was really stressful, because of the drama and all the homework and stuff,” says Mellen. Lots of events took place during the year of 2016 from flipping water bottles, the death of a gorilla, and the presidential election.  

For the eighth graders, high school is coming up next. “I am looking forward to highschool, because me and my sister will be going to school together before she goes to college,” said Burdick.