Student spotlight: Christine Leos

Student spotlight: Christine Leos

Diamond Jenkins, Staff Reporter

Christine Leos, 7th grader,  was born October 22, 2003 at 6:41 a.m in New Braunfels, Texas. In 2008 Christine moved to Universal City, Texas and started to go to Wiederstein Elementary but moved to Sippel Elementary in first grade. She said she was a happy little child all the way until she moved to Sippel.

When Leos turned 7 it was like the reality truck hit her in the face. Her parents had gotten a divorce. She was more confused than mad. “I cried saying I was sad but it was really out of fear and confusion,” Leos said.

During all of this she had her appendixes, and opening in the large intestines, removed because they were ruptured. Leos didn’t see this as just a bad thing but a good thing as well. “It has made me really watch what I eat and take care of my body.”  Even though she has been watching her body she still knows her limits. Though she does sports it is “hard to run.”Obviously toddler years was not her cup of tea, but school didn’t make it any better.

During first through fourth grade, she was like a hermit crab, still in her shell. “ I was a weird little kid, I didn’t talk to anyone,” said Leos. She was “not as confident” and she was very shy. But soon enough, she began to mature and grow up. By intermediate school she began to “let loose” and realize who she was. “She has grown in maturity since 6th grade,” said Payton Gibson. She began to blossom like a flower, making friends and trying new things.

Although she is growing up she still had lots of stresses but, she didn’t keep her feelings bottled up. In 5th grade, Leos discovered a passion for volleyball; she used it as an outlet for stress and emotions. Leos said. “I kinda just found a way to relieve all the stress and pain in my life through volleyball,” she said.

The beginning of 2016 was amazing for Christine Leos. This year she met her best friend Camren Dake. They went to a Super Bowl party together and have been best friends ever since. “We instantly connected. And we were both really happy and had the same interest,” Leos said. Her friendship with him has brought a lot of memories. “One time I broke a marker in CJ’s hand and he put it on my face,” Leos giggled. They end up “dying of laughter” each time it comes up, she said.

Even though everyone is trying to find out what makes them unique, Christine already knows. “My eyebrows because they are fleeky,” Leos said. She even has figured out what her main goal is in life is to “be happy and finish college.” She wants to go to college to be a radiologist. “I wanted to be a doctor but, I hate blood, so I figured why not bones and x-rays?” she said.

While she has many goals in life many people say she is just not going to make it. “ She just gets into other people’s business and is too lazy to work,” said Ashley Alvarez, 7th grader. Other people say that she is just getting affected by others. “Some popular people are mean and that might have been rubbing off on her,” said Gibson.

Still, like every person, she has her flaws. She said she has really bad anxiety and is afraid to be alone. “It is not as hard at school because there are people around and I don’t get afraid,” Leos said. She is also really sensitive. She says it is really hard for her to be happy and she gets sad really easily. “I am more sensitive than you think on the inside,” Leos said.

No matter what people think of her, she still has a lot of room to grow. Having a childhood like hers is no joke. She really has grown and blossomed into a excellent young lady. There are doubts that she will get into college. “I just laugh because I will just show them and use that as motivation,” she said.