Red Ribbon Week is more than theme days

Activities to be held Oct. 23-31


Olivia S. and Avery T. dress up for Red Ribbon Week.

Diamond Jenkins, Staff Reporter

Red ribbon week can be exciting for students and staff who get to dress up for theme days, but what is it really about? Red Ribbon Week is a national week of awareness to encourage people to stay off drugs. 

The week long campaign is sponsored by the National Family Partnership, a nonprofit organization. This year’s national Red Ribbon Week theme is: “Your future is key, so stay drug free.”

Although Red Ribbon Week can be fun, like dressing up as an old person or wearing cowboy boots, Hawaiian shirts or Spirit shirts, there is a point to the fun.

“There is a story behind red ribbon week and let’s not forget it,” said Isabella Gonzales, 7th grader

Red Ribbon Week began as a way to honor a national hero, Enrique Camarena. In 1985, Camarena tipped off the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) about drug cartels running in Chihuahua, Mexico and was kidnapped by the leaders of said drug cartels.  The DEA launched a massive investigation, but when they found him it was too late. In his memory, people began using red ribbons as a symbol to build awareness that drugs can cause destruction and murders. 

Schools celebrate National Red Ribbon Week for one main reason: to raise awareness for being drug free to young students. But some students are oblivious to the message. “No one really listen to the message. They just do the activities,” said Celine Valerio, 7th grader.

To try to help get the point across, Dobie’s principal Mr. Simmons decided to have an assembly on Monday, the start of Red Ribbon Week. At the assembly, a special presenter talked about how “drugs can ruin lives between yourself and those around you.” He also talked about how the “choices you make can affect you later on in life.”

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