Personal view: ‘Haters Back Off’ is hilarious


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Miranda Sings, singer, actress, and so much more

Amber Mayville, Staff Reporter

In the Netflix TV show, Haters Back Off, Miranda Sings is the favored child in the family and is convinced she’s talented when really she’s not. Her uncle tries to help her become famous but fails, and there’s an interesting romance going on in the background. The show is based in Tacoma, Washington in the year 2008. I was deeply interested in the season so I watched the whole thing in about a week or so.

The main actors and actresses are Colleen Ballinger as Miranda Sings, Angela Kinsey as Bethany, Francesca Reale as Emily, Erik Stocklin as Patrick, Steve Little as Jim, Chaz Lamar Shepherd as Keith, Dylan Playfair as Owen, and Harvey Guillen as the fish store manager.

Heather McCreary, 7th grader, said her favorite character is Emily. “She was normal and funny and I feel like I could relate to her because she stayed normal in a crazy family, also I pitied her,” said McCreary. My favorite character would have to be Patrick. He’s my favorite because he’s smart and he really tries to impress Miranda. I think It’s sweet.

Some important details that you need to know is that Miranda is a made up character and that is not actually what Colleen acts like. Miranda has no father and she lives with her lonely sister, Emily, her supportive mother, Bethany, and her favorite person besides herself, her Uncle Jim. Emily goes to High School and is an artist, Bethany works at the grocery store, Miranda is homeschooled, and Uncle Jim is in between jobs.

McCreary said that she recently started watching Haters Back Off. “I had read about it in the YouTube comment section and Miranda Sings was in my recommended and people said that her show was really good,” said McCreary. “So one day I was bored so I decided to watch her show.”

I’m writing about Haters Back Off because I’ve always admired Colleen Ballinger’s work and I’ve watched her videos from the beginning so when I heard her character got a show and I saw her reaction to Miranda getting a show, I just had to watch it.

McCreary thought the first season ended well. “Miranda got what she deserved, Patrick deserved better. She got showered with attention and favoritism.” said McCreary.

I wish that Miranda would have opened the door at the last second. I did and didn’t like how the season ended.

McCreary thinks in season two Patrick will come back to Miranda. “I know Patrick will come back because he really likes her and I think that if they “get back together” Miranda will commit to the relationship and not just take him for granted or just take from him.” said McCreary.
I think that Patrick will not come back and Miranda will continue on her life without thinking of him. It didn’t take McCreary very long to finish the season because she skipped a few episodes. “I skipped a lot so I only watched about 4 episodes…”McCreary said.