Personal view: “Fairy Tail” makes you magically attached      


photo from Fairy Tail wiki

Natsu Dragneel using his fire magic with his dad Igneel Dragneel

Emma Baker, Staff reporter

I love “Fairy Tail” because of the emotions it brings out of me. I watched “Fairy Tail” from start to finish, and now I am going to convince you why you should watch “Fairy Tail”, from my opinion all the way to the plot.

Long ago in year 686 Fairy tail, a magic guild for wizards, located in Magnolia, was born by young wizard Mavis Vermillion, played by Mamiko Noto. Mavis named “Fairy Tail” because of the mystery of the name she says,“We will never know if fairies will ever have a tail but that is what makes it a mystery”.

On one pitiful day Mavis died by an evil wizard named Zeref Dragneel, played by Akira Ishida, killed Mavis.The guild was going to be shut down until a man named Makarov Dreyar, played by Shinpachi Tsuji, took over as the guild master and made “Fairy Tail” what it is today! “Fairy Tail” was created by Hiro Mashima.

With that said the backstory of “Fairy Tail” had its ups and downs making its members strong in there own way.These strong people are the main characters Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray, and Erza.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Natsu, played by Tetsuya Kakihara, is a fire dragon slayer which means that he got his powers from a dragon named Igneel who is the fire dragon king, he loves to fight mostly with Gray and also to be with his friends he joined “Fairy Tail” when he lost his dad Igneel in year 7/7/7.      

Happy, played by Rie Kugimiya, is an exceed which means that he is a cat with wings,”HOW COOL IS THAT” he fell from another dimension called Edolas and was found by natsu now they are the best of friends, and do everything together.

Lucy, played by Aya Hirano, is a celestial mage which means she can work with celestial spirits, she joined fairy tail because of Natsu, they are best friends, and she also loves to write.

Gray, played by Yuichi Nakamura, is an ice mage which means he works with ice he and Natsu fight all the time over small things he joined “Fairy Tail” when his mother died by END a powerful monster he will do anything for his friends.

Erza, played by Sayaka Ohara, is a requip mage which means she can change into different suits of armor she always has to stop Natsu and Gray’s fights she will do anything for her friends.

 “Fairy Tail” is a action packed anime with many emotions; ”I love Fairy Tail because of the energy coming from it, and because it’s always happy,” said Abby Maynor, 7th grader.

I, myself, LOVE “Fairy Tail” not just because of the fighting, but the feelings it brings. Sometimes it makes you truly wonder how important your friends really are.

The members of “Fairy Tail” don’t just fight to earn money, but to protect their friends that they call their family they would even risk their lives to save them.

Like all people we care and hate for others but in “Fairy Tail” there is only room to hate the ones that hurt  the ones you love. Remember whether you watch Fairy Tail or not you will always be, as the guild members say, number one!