Personal View: 13 Reasons Why is Terrible


Kylie Galan, Staff Reporter

Clay is a student in high-school, he is friends with a Girl named Hannah Baker; She’s also in high-school. They work together at the theater and are quite flirtatious. In the first episode it shows some clips of Clay and Hannah “I wanted to watch more!” Reina Huff exclaimed.  Hannah is bad at showing Clay how much she likes him.

“Hannah yelled at him for being too close it just makes no sense why he has a tape,” Huff said. Hannah Baker commit suicide due to 13 reasons in which she left on cassette tapes. “ I have watched it all, and people go through much worse. “ Huff expressed. She left them to the people who ruined her and they listened but after some listened they passed it and gave it to someone else.

Few of these characters are ones you would expect on “the tapes”. In my opinion Baker did not have good reasons to kill herself because “she couldn’t handle high-school drama,” Huff stated.

She liked a boy, and he really tried to be there for her. Hannah got mad at him for leaving after she violently cursed at him to leave. Hannah had no good reason for killing herself and she didn’t  even want to that bad because she was upset that it hurt when she was slicing her wrists in the bathtub.

I didn’t like this show as much as others, but that is exactly why I wrote about it and most agree,  “ I told as many people as I could not to watch it, and I told them how dumb it was for making you wonder for no reason what so ever, nobody should waste their time on such a dumb show.” Huff said. It is not as “amazing” as everyone tries to make it sound.