Student Spotlight: Caleb Wafford

Bailey Hinkle, Staff reporter

Walking the halls at Dobie can be a tricky thing when going from class to class with the 4 minute passing period that we have which makes student have a sense of urgency to be on time. One of the students that walk the halls of this very school is a guy that can come on a bit strong, but once you get to know him, he’ll end up being a really good friend. His name is Caleb Wafford.

Wafford was born in San Antonio, Texas on August 13, 2002. Wafford has lived his whole life in Texas which gives him the chance to have life long friends while he receives education.

Caleb is an 8th grader at dobie and has a regular school life just like most students. “I could describe myself as a guy who can be awkward but has a sense of humor,” said Wafford.

Caleb prefers to be described as edgy in this generation which means, at the forefront of a trend or experimental. Wafford stands out from the crowd and it’s easy to point him out. Caleb had some of his own thoughts himself about this generation “I’m disappointed in this generation because guys’ shorts are too high,” said Wafford. “Also, too many people take things for granted.”

Everyone has something that makes them unique or special. Either its freckles or the color of your hair. It could even be what type of personality you have. No matter what you are different than anyone you know. “ I think my humor makes me unique, the way I joke about things, But I also have a nice jawline that makes me proud of myself,” said Wafford.

The school life for Caleb isn’t anything normal, he has to live up to certain expectations that can be hard to reach at times.Sometimes he falls below others and sometimes he rises above them. “I want to improve more by studying and helping others and not being the one that needs help, I know what I need to work on and that’s why I try my best in everything I do,” said Wafford.

We all know that school and social life is never easy so it can be hard to balance the both.

In the future, Wafford has a specific path he wants to take. Of course he wants to go to college which he plans to attend the university of Texas. He wants to go for four years to receive his bachelor degree. After college, Caleb wants to either become a Calvin Klein model or become a teacher. “The way I aspire to become a ck model is by working out and not let others try and put me down, “ said Wafford.

Other than the little things that make him- him, is that he is just a average teenager. Though, there is a whole bunch of characteristics and information about Caleb that is worthy of being told about, there is another time for that or you could just ask him yourself.