The Walking Dead- is it worth the praise?


Haley Plutzer, Editor

The Walking Dead- is it worth the praise?

By Haley Plutzer

(Spoiler Warning)

The gruesome, spine tingling show that leaves you on the edge of your seat, The Walking Dead, has been popular ever since it came out. Released on October 31, 2010, the show has received good reviews and lots of positivity. The popular American horror series has kids, teenagers, and even adults emotional.

The series starts off with the main protagonist, Rick Grimes, waking up from a coma. From there, everything turned upside down. The hospital he was staying at was already taken by walkers, previous healthy humans until a virus spread and infected the human race. Once they die, they are reanimated as zombies.

Fighting his way out to find his family and his best friend Shane, heencounters his first actual walker, face to face. Once he returns to his home, he sees that his family was already gone, and all that was left was a family portrait. Rick sets out to find his family with high hopes. He didn’t give up, and he eventually did find his family and Shane; everything up to this point was going great, until… Watch the show to find out!

On Sunday nights, I make it clear to my family not to bother me for the next hour. I’m that type of person who can’t record it and watch it later, because it’s just not the same. Daniela Weigold, 8th grader, is the same way. “I get comfortable by getting into my pajamas and a big blanket on my couch. I make sure that my family doesn’t bother me while I watch it. Sometimes I’ll watch it with my sisters,” said Weigold.

What makes The Walking Dead an amazing series? Some people like the thrills, other people like story and/or the characters, and some might just like all the gore. “I like the action and it’s so interesting. There are a lot of plot twists which are really surprising and sometimes sad,” said Weigold. I think that the action is just right; not too much or not enough. There are a lot of times where the drama is just too much tohandle. “I think the part where Hershel dies made me so sad. Watching Maggie and Beth see their dad die made it even worse,” said Weigold.

Deaths are definitely not rare in TWD. Before you even know it, your favorite character is dying and you’re sitting there like, ‘what just happened?’ Sometimes it’s too much to handle, because watching that amazing character you loved so much die is the most emotional thing ever. “Lori’s death messed me up. When Carl had to kill her before she turned into a walker was so depressing. I wish she could’ve lived a happy life with her husband, her son, and her newborn girl,” said Weigold. Agreed.

So, whether you think The Walking Dead is overrated or you’re a total fanboy/girl for the show, I think we can all agree why the show got so popular. Zombies.


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