Dobie students share frustrations about STAAR

Anthony Kerr, Staff Reporter

Every school year students have to take a standardized test called the STAAR. (State Of Texas Assessments Of Academic Readiness) Each student is alphabetically placed in a classroom and has 4 hours to take the test.

Everyone must remain silent until the whole school is done testing. 8th graders must pass the test this year to move on to 9th grade. The STAAR test is a controversial topic and everyone seems to have differing opinions.

The time we are given to test is something that many students are unhappy about. Elijah Person, 8th grader, said: “Four hours is just the right amount of time. Five hours is too long and some people wouldn’t finish the test if it was shorter.”

During the test students are allowed to go to the bathroom and get a snack, but they have to sign out and take a pass. “The testing is regulated pretty well but i think we should go to the bathroom class by class before the test. The test is straight up unfair. Why does a test determine if we move on? It should be based on how we’re doing in our classes,” said Person.

As the time of the test makes some students unhappy, having to pass the test to move on to 9th grade makes students even more upset. “The test should be shorter because people in the class are bored and sleeping and we have nothing to do,” said Paul Gonzales, 8th grader. “We should not be required to pass to move on because for some students it is more difficult to pass the test,” said Gonzales.

8th grade art teacher, Mrs. Harper, also gave her opinion on the testing. “As a whole, yes, 4 hours is the right time because there are some individuals that will take longer than 3 hours. I don’t think you guys should have to pass it because I think passing all core classes is more important than one state objective test,” said Harper.

In the days of March 29 through April 1, 7th graders took the writing STAAR test. 8th graders took the reading and math, however some of the 8th graders who are in algebra took a benchmark, and will take their EOC (End Of Course) on May 1.

From May 9 through May 12, 8th graders will take the science and social studies STAAR tests. In most 8th grade classes around campus, review for those tests have begun. You have to take this test every year, so it’s nice to have some differing facts and opinions, including some information.