Dobie’s Got Talent auditions yields 23 finalists

Talent show will be April 25


Elijah Persons

A sign about the talent show in the cafeteria.

Elijah Persons, Staff reporter

About 30 Dobie students nervously sang and played their instruments in the hallway, practiced their skits and danced as they tried to calm their jitters in the moments before they auditioned for spots in Dobie’s upcoming talent show.

Out of about 30 students who auditioned, 23 winners were chosen to perform.

The winners of Dobie’s Got Talent – 2017 – Auditions & Performance Order is:

  • Ashley Sustayta, Ruby Duka, Elias Santiago – Vocal Trio/Ukulele
  • Kalea Ajel – Vocal solo
  • Izaiah Golitko – Guitar solo
  • Tamari Paige, Samuel Jones – Comedy Act
  • Alan Lohmer – Dance
  • Sarah Swink – Vocal solo
  • Gavin Leon – Vocal solo
  • Ethan Adams – Dance
  • Azure Parker – Vocal solo
  • Makayla Franklin – Vocal solo
  • Nasir Hammonds – Magic
  • Sydnie Reece – Vocal solo
  • Elijah Person – Rap
  • Ily Saunders – Vocal solo
  • Delaney Costello – Monologue
  • Emma Stanley – Vocal solo
  • Kamryn Lovett – Dance
  • MJ Reyes – Vocal solo/Ukulele
  • Annabell Hunter – Vocal solo
  • Josh Martin – Dance
  • Brooklyn Moore, Madison Byrum, MJ Reyes – Comedy/Magic act
  • Ruby Duka – Vocal solo/Piano
  • Seelah Flores – Piano solo

The talent show, called “Dobie’s Got Talent,” is organized by the Dobie Choir Director, Ms. Katy Dane, and a team of student volunteers.

News of the talent show auditions scheduled for April 20 spread fast. Giant posters around the school and morning announcements let students know it was coming and that anyone could sign up outside the choir room. The sign up sheet filled up within days with students who mostly planned to sing and dance.

For Illyanah Saunders, an 8th grader who serves as Dobie Choir President and was a part of Dobie’s choir that won sweepstakes at UIL earlier this year, it was an easy decision to sing. She knew just the song, too.

“I am going to sing ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen; it’s a really pretty song,” she said.

Saunders said she and her friends are looking forward to the show. “It will be fun; most people have talent and like to show it,” Saunders said.

Kendall Brown, an 8th grader in the choir, was one of the talent show audition judges. “I wanted to be an audition judge so I could see all of the talent and give them feedback,” she said.

Brown said some students who signed up for auditions did not show up, but those who were brave enough to audition did well.

“Most students were pretty confident,” she said. “Even the ones who were there to just show support for friends who were talked into or forced into auditioning last minute.”

Lindsey Villarreal, an 8th grade choir member, was part of a team of choir members who helped organize the talent show. She worked on marketing and public relations.

Villarreal also interviewed talent show competitors during dress rehearsal. “They were nervous, but really excited to be able to show their talents,” Villarreal said. “Some said they had been singing or performing for a long time, but some had not performed in front of an audience. One student hadn’t started singing until the week before.”

Callbacks were held April 21. Dress rehearsal is scheduled for April 24.
The talent show, a competition for the 23 participants, will be held April 25 in the cafeteria at 6:00 p.m. There will be free admission and concession stand items for sale