Dobie 8th Grade Girls Track: Record breaking season


Bethany Castillo, Staff reporter

Dobie Jr. High 8th grade Girls’ Track team is on the rise. New records have been broken for the school, and the girls have placed 1st at 6 meets. Dobie’s 8th grade girl athletes compete against around Texas to place 1st in the G.V.A.C. district.

The first meet at Steele High School was on Thursday, March 23, 2017, the 8th grade placed first scoring a total of 156 points getting points from running and field events. The 8th grade girls have practiced hard through the months of March and April making themselves work harder to strive for a good track season of placing and competing.

“The best part about competing at a meet is the actual throwing part because you have to push yourself,” said Traeh Haynes, 8th grader.

Haynes has placed 1st at every track meet in shot put, beating the Dobie school record by 2 feet, and her own record by another foot. Haynes practices to get better and to make sure she keeps placing first at every meet, working harder to try and beat her personal records.

“I think the 8th grade girls are doing good, two of the relay teams, the 4×100 and the 4×200 got records this year,” said Samantha Andersen, 8th grader.

Dobie’s 8th grade girls 4×100 and the 4×200 meter relays won first place at a Steele meet on Thursday, March 23, 2017, with a time of 52.47 seconds on the 4×100 and a time of 1:52.06 on the 4×200 beating the Dobie Jr. High records.

“Trying to place because you have to push your limits to beat someone in front of you because you’re trying to represent your school and do your best,” said Andersen.

Dobie 8th grade girls track has broken records, and continuously worked hard to keep placing 1st at meets. All running and field events have pursued outstanding performances to beat other schools in the Guadalupe County and have had an outstanding track season this year.