Why “13 Reasons Why” Is a Show Schools Should Show Everywhere

Why “13 Reasons Why” Is a Show Schools Should Show Everywhere

Mallory Anderson, Staff Reporter

If you haven’t joined the “13 Reasons Why” phenomenon, you are very alone. “I think this show is gaining popularity because it’s so relatable. Everyone has experienced bullying and harassment, and this show raises awareness on these topics to help people from doing it in the future,” said Payton Freund, 8th Grader.


“13 Reasons Why” is a Netflix original revolving around Hannah Baker, a teenager in High School that committed suicide, and the tapes she made explaining the thirteen reasons why. Due to its important message and realistic plot, it’s definitely a show that should be shown at schools nationwide.


Firstly, the show raises awareness for suicide prevention. “‘13 Reasons Why’ conveys the impact of bullying, sexual assault, and other serious topics students go through, can have on a person. Shows usually shy away from these ‘taboo’ topics, and this show took it head on.” said Zoe Gamboa, 8th Grader.


A recent survey at a New York High School showed that 1 in 6 students have seriously considered suicide, 1 in 12 actually attempting it. With the ever-growing number of teen suicides, showing this show in schools could possibly save someone’s life.


“13 Reasons Why” is easily becoming many people’s favorite Netflix series, for its strong message. “13 Reasons is my favorite Netflix show because it’s realistic, and conveys what most students in school go through on a day to day basis,” said Freund.


All Dobie students have a different take on the show. “I think the best character on the show was Jeff Atkins. He was a jock, and they were often characterized as bad people, but he was always so sweet to everyone, especially Clay,” said Freund. Zoe Gamboa, has a different opinion. “The best character was obviously Clay. He always wanted what was best for Hannah, and constantly did the right thing,” said Gamboa.
In conclusion, showing “13 Reasons Why” to classes would have many benefits. Whether it be through raising awareness, or even saving someone’s life.