Personal view: How to Get Away with Murder(SPOILERS)


Photographed by ABC


How to Get Away with Murder is a series that teaches you the ins and outs of being a lawyer and even working in the criminal justice system.

It is created by Peter Nowalk and produced by Shonda Rhimes and ABC studios.I started watching this show because it looked very good and appeared on my Netflix, and I instantly fell in love with the actors (and acting) as well as the plot, it really keeps you hooked.

The show follows Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis, a criminal defense attorney as well as law professor at Middleton University in Philadelphia. She selects five students that are in her class to become interns at her firm, and in 2014, she chooses Wes Gibbins, played by Alfred Enoch, Connor Walsh, played by Jack Falahee, Michaela Pratt, played by Aja Naomi King, Asher Millstone, played by Matt McGorry, and Laurel Castillo, played by Karla Souza.

The show has received almost 14 million views, and was ranked 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The first seasons starts as her five students are seen disposing of a body in the future as well as what is going on in the present. The other two seasons are like this, but they depict different criminal acts that they are involved in or help with. “I think every single season was so great, and I loved the flashbacks,” said Tasia Jones, 8th grader.

“I began watching ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ because my mom was watching it, one day it was on the TV and I just started watching it with her,” said Ashley Pina, 8th grader.

  I started watching this show because it looked very good and appeared on my Netflix, and I instantly fell in love with the actors (and acting) as well as the plot, it really keeps you hooked.

 Season one is primarily about a murder that happens in Annalise’s house, in the flashbacks you can see that the five students Annalise have recruited are involved with it and are covering it up. They are basically the spokespeople for how to get away with murder.

When it is uncovered who it is in the show, viewers were heavily surprised that the students had something to do with it because it was Annalise’s husband.

The show basically shows you something that is going to happen in the future and then shows the days leading up to what happens. When you see the flashbacks, every second makes you wonder, when is this going to happen? Do they know this is going to happen? It leaves you questioning everything.

“Season one made me stand on my toes the whole season,” said Tasia Jones, 8th grader.

 While season one was very action packed, season two was ever crazier.  “Season two  was definitely my favorite out of all the seasons,” Pina says. In season two, it revolves around the Hapstall case which they start working on at the beginning of the season but don’t finish until the end.

In season two, Wes also investigates his mom’s suicide and his girlfriend, Rebecca Sutter’s, disappearance during this season. Wes also meets his biological father, Wallace Mahoney, but he is shot by someone who is not uncovered until the third season.

 Season three was when a true main character died. The showings of the future start by showing Annalise’s house burning down, and it is later learned two bodies are found. One is a female, Laurel, who is pregnant. You find this out before we know that Laurel also knew before the fire.

Another is an unidentified male body who is pronounced dead. It is later found out that this body is Wes, the father of Laurel’s baby and an intern at Annalise’s firm.It was revealed that Wes was killed before the fire, by a friend of Laurel’s dad. Laurel’s dad wanted Wes dead because he did not approve of their relationship.

 When season three ends, only the viewers know it is a friend of Laurel’s family and Laurel, or any of the other students don’t know. Which lead to speculation about a fourth season, and it is approved now that another season was approved by ABC.