Personal View: Series of Unfortunate Events

A photo taken for the shows background picutre.


A photo taken for the shows background picutre.

Aeris Gee, Staff Reporter

The Netflix original show, Series of Unfortunate Events, is the best thing I have ever seen. The show follows the books almost perfectly which makes the show great. The actors make the show what it is. Series of Unfortunate Events has a narrator who breaks the fourth wall and makes it seem like that you are there with the cast.


According to IMDB, the cast of the show are Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, Presley Smith, Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Watburton, K. Todd Freeman, and many more excellent actors. Everyone enjoyed the show because of Harris’ role as Count Olaf. He made the character seem more evil than in the books. The Baudelaire orphans played by Weissman as Violet, Hynes as Klaus, and Smith as Sunny.


The Baudelaire’s parents died in a terrible house fire. The children are sent to a distant relative, Count Olaf. He only wanted to keep the children because he has a plan to steal the Baudelaire fortune. But the orphans figure out his plan and find a way to leave his home for good. Soon they are faced with many more challenges and way more of Count Olaf.


I have read the books and it matched up perfectly. I love the show because it followed the path of the books and that the actors played their roles like how the characters are described in the book. I still watch the show even though I have seen every episode around 5 times. Since there is a movie based on the books, I followed along with the show and compared the show to the movie and the books.


Some students at Dobie Jr. High watched the show and found it entertaining. “I like that Neil Patrick Harris played Count Olaf. I also liked that the kids are smart,” said Jessica Folsom, 8th grader. Folsom binged the show in one night because she was so excited to watch the show.
“I have read all the books, so I was excited to watch the show,” said Brandon Atwood, 8th grader. Atwood enjoyed the show because the show is close to the books.