Once Upon A Time: A Retake On Fairytales


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Samantha Gobert, Staff Reporter


Once Upon A Time is a series on Netflix with currently 5 seasons. The show begins by introducing the fairy tale characters that are trapped by the evil queen’s curse that makes the characters forget who they are.


The first season premiered on October 23rd 2011. Once Upon A Time is currently on its 6th season and 128 episodes that has aired.


The fairy tale characters are trapped in a town in Maine, called Storybrooke and no one can leave except for Emma Swan, Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter.


Emma Swan’s life is nothing like a fairy tale. The 28 -year-old has been taking care of herself since she was a baby, but when Henry (the son she gave up 10 years ago) shows up at her door, everything changes for the better.


The show has a lot of things to admire. Jaedyn Henderson, 8th grader, says her favorite thing about the show is, “the retake they put on the fairy tales.”

Once Upon A Time does not keep the fairy tale endings that everyone loves, but puts a twist on them to make it more interesting.


Many unexpected things happen throughout the story to make it more engaging for the viewers. For example in the original Snow White in the original story, it never mentions that Snow has a daughter.


There are many characters that get slowly introduce as you watch the series. Since there are many characters, many viewers may have a favorite character.

Henderson said her favorite character is Regina, the evil queen “ Because of her story on how she progresses as a character.” she said.