Student Spotlight: Kolbie Chase

Chase is leader in academics and sports


Zoe Clark

Busy Schedule Kolbie Chase is putting folders in her locker after a busy day at school. Chase came directly from eighth period athletics. ” Fam my days are tiring!” said Chase.

Zoe Clark, Staff Reporter

Kolbie Chase, 8th grader, participated in a total of 8 clubs, including two sports, at Dobie Jr. High this school year.  That might sound like a lot to handle, but she says she accomplished it all by keeping everything well organized, using good time management skills, and prioritizing.

The very first club she joined, or was accepted into, was the National Junior Honor Society. She, along with 80 other students was accepted into the elite organization at the end of 2015-16 school year. However, unlike the other 80 students, Chase was elected as the NJHS President. “She has done well, because she could talk to everyone and she was dedicated to NJHS,” Valeria Gonzalez, eighth grader.

Chase has many duties as president. She has an officer meeting every other Tuesday during sixth period cougar time, and the next morning leads a meeting with the entire NJHS to give information on service projects and community service hours. She is also in charge of recycling during fifth and sixth period Cougar Time.

Chase said that while being the NJHS president she has grown as a leader and found the balance of letting people choose what they want to do and being stern on more important things. Even though Chase was busy with her many duties she made sure to stay active.

In the beginning of the year, Chase joined the cross country team. Every morning at 6:30 she would meet the team at school, and they would start the practice with a warm up lap and stretches. After warming up, the team would either run for a certain amount of time, do Indian runs, do the stair exercise, or do some other running exercise. The stair exercise involves running up the main stairs, through the upstairs C wing, down the stairs behind the stage, then back up the main stairs.

One of Chase’s biggest accomplishments this year was making the eighth grade girls A team for basketball. At practice the team did stretches, worked on ball handling, and did other drills to prepare for games. Chase’s position on the team was wing/guard.

Chase’s greatest memory from this year happened on January 26, 2017 at one of her basketball games. In the midst of an intense game she had the ball in her hands and needed to make a shot. There wasn’t a defender on her, and it was the perfect opportunity. She took her shot and the ball went in. Everyone on her team went wild, but instead of celebrating with them she had to finish the game.

She made her first points of the season that day, and her family and a few friends were there to witness it. “It was a moment I’d never forget. Truly was one of my greatest memories,” said Chase. Chase was competitive in academics, too.

In November 2016, Chase participated in 4 UIL academic events. She represented Dobie in Number Sense, Calculator Skills, Impromptu Speaking, and Science at the two meets and even made it to the Tournament of Champions for Science, where she won first place. On Wednesdays and Fridays she went to the UIL practiced scheduled for that day. However, she was not able to go to Number Sense practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of Basketball and Robotics.

Chase also participated in the Dobie Robotics Club. Every Tuesday the club would meet and would either program the robots or make a speech about the robots. Kolbies’ main focus in the club was making a speech about the robots they were programming. One of the things Kolbie liked most about robotics was that she had friends in there that she worked well with.

Throughout her busy year Chase’s friends have been a positive influence for her. “ They helped me realize some things I could improve on without it just being negativity all the time,” said Chase. Chase said they have also helped her through her biggest set back, her dad not always being around, “ They helped me realize I can be independent, but having some extra help is always nice,” said Chase.

Kathleen Melton, a close friend of Chase said, “ She’s less uptight this year,” when asked about how Chase has changed.

Chase’s mom has also been a big influence and a role model for her. “She goes to all of my events and supports me with everything I do,” said Chase.

Chase has 6 biological siblings, 3 full and 3 half siblings. One of her fondest memories with her 3 full siblings was when Chase, her sister, and two brothers went to the New Braunfels River to take pictures for their grandmother. After they had taken some group photos, Chase’s sister, Shelby, was taking their individual ones. Chase said she couldn’t figure out what face or pose her sister wanted her to do, so she started making a bunch of awkward poses and faces.

After the pictures were taken, they started to skip rocks. Her brothers were trying to skip the rocks all the way across the river while she was just trying to get hers to skip once. “ The entire day was just an easy, fun, relaxing day for all of us,” said Chase.

Chase said she did so many clubs because it kept her moving and out of drama. A life lesson she has learned this year is, “ People are going to talk about me either way.”