Dobie Art Cub Brews Creativity

Dobie Art Cub Brews Creativity

Zachary Larkin , staff reporter

Every other Thursday students collect in Mrs Harper’s classroom to create small crafts and artworks while having an enjoyable time; Students inside of the Art club have a lot of fun hanging out with Mrs Harper and friends to create projects.

This year students have created an assortment of sewing projects, Bob Ross style paintings, bookmarks, popsicle projects, and random drawing assignments.

“I guess I just love the extra activities, because I love art,” Raven Bailon-Dawson 8th grader, said.
Mrs. Harper leads the club. She enjoys coming up with projects to create, using Pinterest as inspiration. “Making artwork or crafts, its a surprise every time,” said Mrs Harper, art teacher.

Many students were not aware of the club’s presence, being that a student would have had to have taken the Art elective as to even hear about the Art Club.

Most of the students attending the Dobie Art Club enjoy artsy projects and may be artists themselves. Some students may not posses dsrawing or painting skills but can still benefit from the Club. ”Crafts are simple things you can make,” said Nayeli Esquilin, 8th grader. “But you put your heart and soul into art, you want your art to represent you.”
Mrs Harper is not taking any more participants into the art club this y

ear, as students would have had to have shown up, to the club, for a larger chunk of this year.
If the word had been spread ahead of time then more students would have joined (this year had a similar number of student as last year, but it is still not a large enough group of students).
A lot of student would have been interested in the club. “Making different crafts, and doing things you wouldn’t ordinarily do in a normal art class really intrigues me,” Esquilin said. Many students were unaware of the Art Club, and cannot join until next year.

The students in the club really seem to enjoy it,“I like art and it’s super fun to be with my friends,” Bailon-Dawson, said. All the students love the extra time that it sets aside to create little projects.