Bus drivers deal with daily challenges

Dillon Carney, Staff reporter


Bus drivers seem like they’re always treated good but are they really? Bus drivers are getting tired of having to pick up and clean after all the students. They are also probably getting frustrated by kids who are misbehaving.

Some kids who actually care say, ”Hi, how are you doing.” and have a conversation with their bus driver. Sometimes some kids give them cupcakes or something just to give them a little cheer.

They say no eating or drinking but some kids don’t listen and let their hunger get to them. They are to lazy or just getting distracted to throw the trash in the trash when they go to get off, so they just throw it on the floor.

“I feel like they should be treated better,they aren’t just some random people taking you places,they’re humans,with a job,a life and are nice enough to drive a bus for students.”said Shayla Dunsirn, 7th grader. Dunsirn has said bus drivers are always taking care of students and aren’t getting any respect back, which is what they need: respect.