Spotlight: Zoe Gamboa


Michelle Danglade, Staff Reporter

Zoe Gamboa grins at the camera.

Zoe Layne Gamboa, an 8th grader here at Dobie, was born on April 4, 2003. She is the daughter of Jamie Lind and Daniel Gamboa. Her family consists of her mother, step father, father and youngest brother, Zachary Lind. Her Mother is of British descent and her Father of Spanish.

Gamboa has moved a least five times and mentions each home with high regards. Not only has she moved around, but she has also been to a lot of different places, for instance California, Nevada, Florida, and the Grand Canyon to name a few. “My family and I love to travel and see different parts of the country,” said Gamboa.

Not only does she have an adventurous background, but also a bold taste in music. One of Gamboa’s favorite things to do is to listen to her many records.”The greatest advice I was ever given was that if you like three songs off an album, buy that album,” said Gamboa.

Gamboa’s music selections are determined by how her day is going or what she is doing. “My music taste varies on how I feel. When I’m sad I want to listen to really depressing music, so I can just sit there and be sad. When I’m in a good mood or when I want to get something done, I’ll listen to really loud, really fun, pop-sounding music,” said Gamboa very enthusiastically.

Her go-to song to listen to right now is ”Send Them Off” by the band Bastille. The last concert she went to was actually Bastille, but that was not her first concert, nor was it her last. Gamboa has been to an average of six concerts. Her most favorite one was last summer’s twenty one pilots’ in Austin.

Reading is a hobby Gamboa thoroughly enjoys, but being she has to do a lot of school work to keep up with her impressive grades, lately she is unable to read as much as she use to.

“I used to be a very avid reader, but now since I have so many things to do lately, reading somehow feels likes like a chore,” said Gamboa.

When asked about her favorite her favorite book, Gamboa had a truly hard time just picking one, but had decided on Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. “It’s cheesy, but heartwarming, a great book if you want your spirits lifted,” said Gamboa passionately. Gamboa reads a variety of different book genres, for instance, science fiction, romance, thrillers and mysteries.

An interesting fact about Gamboa that not a lot a people know, is that she loves going dirt bike riding. However, she suffered injuries very recently from this activity. “I just started riding not too long ago and was doing everything pretty well,” said Gamboa defensively.

She did run into a little trouble on the track. Very recently Gamboa’s Step Father took her to the dirt bike track. While riding her bike on the track the bike tipped over on her and she received a concussion. A few weeks prior to this incident, again at the track, Gamboa took a too sharp of a turn and landed on a weird angle on her knee. A few days after the incident she realized that her knee was sprained.

Gamboa is a good student who is very proud of her straight As. “I studied hard and did as much extra credit as I could,” said Gamboa when asked about her greatest accomplishments.

She is also well liked by the students of Dobie. “Zoe’s nice, she’s a caring person, and has an interesting taste in music,” said Nayeli Esquilin, 8th grader.

“Zoe is hilarious, she’s always coming up with the most hilarious puns,” said Bailey Garza, 8th grader.

Gamboa’s goal in life is to go to a good college and become a journalist or author. She hopes that when she is older that she can spend her days surrounded by her books and family.