Student spotlight: Bailey Michalec

Student spotlight: Bailey Michalec

Cheerleaders have been around since 1898, it was created for cheering up a crowd at a game in support for the teams. Since then, cheer has grown to become extremely popular sport among students.

Every year, cheer tryouts are held for those who want to bring the spirit to life at the games or competitions. On March 9th 2017, cheer tryouts were held at Steele High School for 8th graders wanting to be Steele Cheerleaders their freshman year. 12 girls from Dobie made the team and Bailey Michalec, 8th grader at Dobie, made the Steele High School Cheer leading team for 2017-2018.

“Cheer brings up people’s spirit along with my own, the chants and the crowds support for the team is what makes me love cheer so much,” says Bailey Michalec.

Bailey has had 11 years of experience for cheer, “ with the experience that I have had, makes being part of cheer in high school even more enjoyable, because I am able to look back on all of the memories that I have had with cheer,” said Michalec.

Being part of a sport, in this case cheerleading, makes public performance and anything that has to do with being in front of a crowd, easier,“I love being in front of crowds of people, if I had to read a paper on a stage in front of the whole school, I would love it!” said Michalec.

Being able to speak in front of a large crowd of people, or any people at all, at this age, is good for adulthood depending on what your future profession is. “Cheer is not just all fun and games, but it’s hard work as well,” says Michalec.

Cheer takes lots of practice. You have to work hard and stay dedicated to the sport and truly have a love for the sport because, “ if you don’t truly love the sport, then why are you doing it? I love cheer and that’s what makes me work hard and stay with it, but if you don’t actually care for it, than that doesn’t make you work as hard,” says Michalec.

Bailey is devoted to cheer and making the Steele Cheer Team for 2017-2018 is “exciting, wonderful and just the icing on the cake,” states Michalec, “ I would like to do cheer throughout high school and college as well, but as of right now, I am happy that I made the team because it will make high school all the better!”