Student Spotlight: Brooklyn Moore

Moore is aspiring actress

Student Spotlight: Brooklyn Moore

Nayeli Esquilin, Staff reporter

In the hallways you may see a puffball of curly blonde hair dancing through the sea of students trying to get to class. This curly haired gal from Utah is an acting prodigy, her name is Brooklyn Moore and she has loved Theatre since she was a little girl.

“I kind of grew up with Theatre,”  said Moore, 8th grader, “My uncle’s an actor, my aunt could be an actress, AND my dad is always singing Les Misréables.”  

“Les Misérable” is a musical based on Victor Hugo’s novel with the same name.

 When asked about who inspires her, Moore responded with an enormous list of actors and actresses.“ My idols are Lin-Manuel Miranda, Chris Jackson, Shakespeare, Thomas Moore, Renѐe Elise Goldsberry, Adam Pascal, Indina Menzel, and Jazzy Jones. I could go on and on,” Moore chuckled.  

One of the most recent plays Moore has performed in was “Broadway Dreams”, a compilation of different musicals and elaborate dances, from “Grease” to “Wicked”.

“Before a show, my Theatre company stands in a circle, hold hands and squeeze, we say a prayer and chant ‘cultic rhymes,’ Moore said laughing.

“My favorite character I’ve played was Tiny Tim Two from ‘Christmas Chaos’,” Moore explained that “Christmas Chaos” was a twist on Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”, “I was a girl who wanted to play Tiny Tim, and I had to fight in the  audience and I hit a girl with a crutch. I was really dramatic,” said Moore.

“I freaking love Brooklyn so much!” Zachary Larkin, 8th grader, exclaimed. “She literally is so talented and she has a great voice. Dang- that girl can act!”

 “Brooklyn’s nice, I like her.” said Leondra Ovalle, 8th grader.

“I guess what makes me unique is my curly hair,” Moore responded to the question about what makes her unique in her own eyes, “I actually got a role because of my hair!”

When asked about her favorite plays and musicals, Moore pulled out her cell phone and started to list her favorites, “I love; and be prepared for this,” Moore warned, “Rent, In The Heights, Hamilton, Wicked, Les Miserables, Cats, 42nd Street, West Side Story, Finding Neverland, Little Mermaid, Legally Blonde, Heather’s, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, The Addams Family, Shrek:The Musical, The Jungle Book, Little Women, Next To Normal, Matilda, Streets Of Philadelphia, The Book Of Mormon, Waitress, Chicago, Aida, Grease, Monty Python, Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia, Sound Of Music, Guys & Dolls, Dear Evan Hansen, Sister Act, Newsies, & Hairspray..” (This is not a complete list.)

“One of my favorite songs is ‘Seasons Of Love’ from ‘Rent’,” Moore said, “I love it because I can hit the high note at the end of the song.” Moore got up and gave an example of her singing skills.

Moore explained how her dad and mom are very supportive.

“The other day my dad said, ‘I didn’t get the opportunities you have. I actually don’t want you to do this (Theatre) because it is a very difficult business. I want you to go take AP courses and become a doctor or lawyer or something. If you want to be a washed up poor artist, then go for it, I would rather have you be a rich artist but you know… It won’t matter what you do to me, as long as you work for it!’” She explained how they drive her everywhere and it is kind of a hassle with her 3 younger siblings, but they want her to follow her dreams.

“My motto is, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard’.” Moore says.