Personal View: The Vampire Diaries


Isabella Huskanovic, Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note: Spoiler Alert!

The “Vampire Diaries” is a show full of wonder. It starts off when two vampires, Damon and Stefan meet a girl named Elena. They accidentally turn her into a vampire, causing everything going to chaos. They meet other vampires, The Originals, The Sirens, Witches and the Devil. Their once peaceful lives turn into a tiny chance of survival. Will they survive? What will happen?

The “Vampire Diaries” is my favorite show because it’s filled with nonstop drama that makes you wanting more.The Vampire Diaries starts in the tiny town named Mystic Falls. In the late 1700’s, two humans named Stefan and Damon get turned into vampires, they later on meet Elena and they both fall crazy in love with her. She later turns into a vampire causing her emotions to change and for her to love Damon.

At the end of season six, she falls into deep coma and she cannot wake up unless the witch Bonnie Bennett dies. The two brothers  and Bonnie frantically try to find a way to break the spell before it’s too late.

This show has fans going wild. “I like the show The Vampire Diaries because it’s kind of a drama, I thought it was interesting and I watched the first episode and I was drawn in ever since,” said Dailey Brite, 8th grader.

“The biggest climax was when the Sirens came. They just kinda added suspense and it threw a lot of stuff off. Another climax was when Elena went into coma because she was one of the main stars and a lot of people were shocked,” said Brite.

Although the show has five stars, some people are still questioning the last episode and why it ended the way it did. “One thing I would change about the series is how Damon presented himself to Elena and others by his rude personality and harsh outbursts,” said Brite.

The show ends with Elena coming back to life, Damon turning into a human and Stefan dying with Katherine. Stefan risked his life for Damon so he can live his life with Elena. Anyone can watch this thrilling series, so why don’t you?