8th grade girls track has a successful season


Karissa Cano

Students have fun during the track meet.

Karissa Cano, Staff reporter

Track started around the beginning of March at Dobie Jr. High. Everyone who tried out made the team, but coaches only took 3 people to the meets each week.

Everyone competes for their spots each week, and some people are just there for the workout.

Track meets are every Thursday and all girls fight hard to earn their spot each week. Shelvy Curtis, 8th grader, runs the 4 by 1, 4 by 2, and the 100 meter dash. She runs the relay races with Aly French, Pansy Ingram, and Aaliyah Ellis, “We get 1st place every time in our relays,” said Curtis. “I feel really pumped and energized and I feel like I can do anything,” said Curtis.

Aaliyah Ellis, 8th grader, who runs the 4 by 2 and 4 by 1, says, “I get very nervous in the start, but when I actually go I just think beat the clock.” This relay team broke the record in the 4 by 2 with a time of 1.47.15.

“We are like a family,” said Aaliyah Ellis All the girls feel like they are in a family when you’re always together, helping each other out and creating new bonds with people. “I feel like all the girls worked really hard this season and they always tried their best even if they never went to a track meet,” said Curtis.

Overall, the girls gave 100% and Dobie won almost all the track meets by winning 4 of them. Aly French, 8th grader, said. “It was a great season.”