Personal View: ‘The Flash’ is entertaining


Showing Grant Gustin as Barry Allen”The Flash”

Lindsey Villarreal, Staff Reporter

My favorite Netflix show is “The Flash” because it’s action packed, it’s funny, dramatic at some times, and the main character is pretty cute. The reason why it is my favorite show is for these reasons. The way the actors are portraying their characters is really believable. They make me believe that they are the real characters. They have made me cry so many times because of how much emotion they put into their character.

They show how each side works the good and the bad, it makes me want the good side to win so badly. The show gets me emotionally sucked in. They are dealing with all sorts of problems, but they still are able to move on and look at the light at the end of tunnel. The show just simply brightens my day, and I actually watched the first whole season in a weekend.

According to, the main characters in this show are Barry Allen/The Flash played by Grant Gustin, Iris West-Allen played by Candice Patton, Caitlyn Snow/Killer Frost is played by Danielle Panabaker, Cisco Ramon played by Carlos Valdes, Detective Joe West is played by Jesse L. Martin, Dr.Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne is played by Tom Cavanagh, Julian Dorn played by Tom Felton, Kid Flash/Wally West played by Keiyan Lonsdale.

At 11 years old, Barry Allen had suffered through a lot, his mother dying and his father being convicted of her murder. Barry was actually being bullied because everyone thought that it was his father’s fault.

The problem was it wasn’t his father’s fault. When Barry saw his mother being murdered he saw red and yellow lighting with a man in a yellow suit. Before he could do anything, he appeared 14 blocks away from home. When he came back he saw his father being arrested and his mother’s dead corpse in the house. When he told the police what he saw they didn’t believe him.

Now 14 years later, Barry is now all grown up and living with Detective Joe West and his daughter Iris, who Barry has loved before he even knew what love meant, he has lived with them since his mother’s murder and his father’s imprisonment.

Now working as an assistant criminal science investigator, Barry is still determined to find out what happened to his mother. Then when a particle accelerator explodes, he gets struck by lighting. Then he ends up in a coma for 9 months, and wakes up with incredible abilities, which causes him to become “The Flash”.

Barry is now saving Central City from people who are just like him who do not use their powers for good, but instead for evil. Right now, Barry is one of the few “metahumans” that uses their powers for good. With now having a responsibility with both of these jobs he is still as just determined to find the real person who killed his mother.  

This show has obviously some unrealistic situations, but they still had like some realistic material that people could relate to. Such as family lost, loving a person who doesn’t love you back or doesn’t notice you love them, balancing two jobs, a family member abandoning, and then there being a secret second child or something. ”The Flash” cast, I just have to applaud them, they make their characters seem so real, and their characters show such beautiful emotion. It makes you feel the emotion, it makes you want to cry sometimes, because of real it looks.

I watch “The Flash” maybe a couple times a week or maybe everyday, it’s just such an amazing show.  People of all ages love “The Flash”.  It’s somewhat a family show, and people have become fans in many ways. Maybe it’s because of the comic books, the show, the actors, or the superhero in general.

Even though the show has been going on for almost 3 years, the comics have been in existence for a long time. According to, “The Flash” has been around since 1940. People knew “The Flash” before the show. ”’The Flash’, was my favorite superhero when I was younger,” said Ilyonah Saunders, 8th grader.

People also like the conflicts,and like to see the struggle or just think he’s pretty cute. “I like to see the struggle between good and evil. I like to see the good side win especially when the good side is cute like ‘The Flash’,”  said Mrs Adkison, theatre teacher.

Some people want to have “The Flash’s” amazing abilities, and his awesome superspeed. “It’s cool how he can wake up 5 minutes before he needs to be somewhere and still be on time. I wish I could do that,” said Deja Jones, 7th grader.  

Another thing is that people also like the little things that “The Flash” has with his superpowers.

“I like how he has the ability to be the fastest person and he can still see everything, he can still see what’s going on,” said Veronica Rojas, 7th grader.
“The Flash” Logo
Showing Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
“The Flash” cast.
Left to Right:Tom Felton,Candice Patton,Carlos Valdes,Grant Gustin,Danielle Panabaker,Jesse L. Martin,Tom Cavanagh,and below is Keiyan Lonsdale.
The West Family along with Barry Allen. Left to Right:Candice Patton,Grant Gustin,Jesse L. Martin,Keiyan Lonsdale.
The main relationship of “The Flash” WestAllen a.k.a Iris West and Barry Allen. Showing Grant Gustin and Candice Patton.


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