7th Grade Girls Track Recap


Diamond Jenkins, Staff Reporter

   Track season has come and gone by fast. They have had long practices and even longer meets.These girls worked hard and have had some pretty good rewards for it. March 1st was when the season began.

They had practice for about a week and a half then had their first meet. Starting off slow they got 4th overall, but even then it was still a pretty good turn out.

By the next week they were ready for action. Traeh Haynes broke a record for shot put. “I’m very proud of my team!

I feel like we’ve grown closer as the season gets closer to ending,” Khloi Gomez, 7th grader said. On their last meet before district they ran their hardest. Not only did they have support from their teammates, the crowd was pretty big as well.

“Even though I don’t enjoy running, I still go to the meets to watch and support my friends,” said Christine Leos, 7th grader.

Last week was district. The girls gave it everything they had with just one regret. “I just wish the season was longer! It was way too short,” Jada Burchett, 7th grader said.  Even though they got 6th in the district they had a great season.